Elevate Your Business

with Smart Marketing Investments

In the dynamic world of business, successful marketing is the linchpin to outstanding growth and visibility. While most companies invest a significant 6-20% of their revenue on marketing strategies, we offer a more efficient and impactful solution.

Introducing our tiered marketing service packages, meticulously crafted to maximize your business’s potential while optimizing your investment. Our pricing tiers are strategically set at 3%, 6%, and 10% of your revenue, ensuring a high-impact, cost-effective approach to marketing.

Why Choose Us?

Cost-Effective: Enjoy the expertise of three dedicated marketing professionals for less than the cost of a single employee.

Holistic Approach: Far more impactful than focusing on only one strategy, our services cover a comprehensive range of marketing strategies, offering a one-stop solution for all your needs.

Tailored to Your Business: We align our strategies with your unique business goals, ensuring personalized and effective marketing. 

Make The Smart Choice For Your Business Growth

In today’s competitive market, your choice of a marketing partner can make all the difference. By choosing us, you’re not just investing in marketing; you’re investing in a brighter future for your business. Our dedicated team, with its cost-effective, holistic, and tailored approach, stands ready to propel your business to new heights. Don’t just compete; dominate your market with our expert marketing services. Partner with us today, and watch your business transform into a market leader.

Bootstrap Tier

One Easy to Manage Flat Fee Until You Reach $10k In Monthly Revenue
$ 249 Per Month
  • Site audit
  • 2-4 Backlinks a Month
  • Basic On site SEO
  • 4 Social Posts a Month
  • Technology Stack Consultation
Low Cost

Small Biz

Your Minimum Monthly Revenue = $10k/mo
(As Low As Only $300 / mo!)
% 3 of Gross Monthly Revenue
  • All Bootstrap Tier Services
  • 3 Blog Posts Per Month
  • 10-20 Backlinks Per Month
  • 1 Press Release
  • 8 Social Posts a Month
  • 4 Hours Marketing Consultation
  • Office Technology Suite Setup


Your Minimum Monthly Revenue = $10k/mo
(As Low As Only $600 / mo!)
% 6 Of Gross Monthly Revenue
  • Everything in Small Biz Tier is DOUBLED
  • Complete Social Media Management
  • Multi-Network Paid Ads
  • 10% of Your Payment is your Ad Budget!
  • Daily Social Posts (30+!)
  • Marketing Automation Implementation
  • Email Marketing
Fast Growth


Your Minimum Monthly Revenue = $10k/mo
(As Low As Only $1000 / mo!)
% 10 Of Gross Monthly Revenue
  • All Other Services DOUBLED!
  • In-Depth Competitor Monitoring
  • "Be Seen Everywhere" Ad campaigns
  • 20% of Your Payment is your Ad Budget!
  • 4 Custom Video Posts A Month
  • Shipping / Marketing Integration
  • Customer Service Improvement Consultation
  • *Full IT Management Suite
  • IT Hardware Systems Upgrade / Repair*
Big Impact!

* May include additional charges for software, services, equipment / replacement parts or in person visits for repair.